Branded Kraft paper box/bag for finised product (small scale production)

It’s hard most of the time to find a big carton box/bag producing companies taking order for small scale productions.

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Alkalized and Non-alkalized cocoa powder

Milling cocoa bean seed to powder involve huge capital and proper infrastructure. But it’s highly profitable and also reduce the risk of exporting raw cocoa bean seed which can sometimes grow mould during sea transport if proper procedure is not followed.
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About Gum Arabic

Gum Arabic: is a natural gum made of the hardened sap of various species of the acacia tree. In the present day, gum arabic is predominantly collected from two related species, namely Acacia senegal  and Vachellia Acacia seyal. Producers harvest the gum commercially from wild trees, mostly in Sudan (80%) and throughout the Sahel, from Read more

Nigerian agro-commodity price fluctuations. Facts you need to understand as a young agro-preneur.

One of the major challenges that are affecting agro-commodity business in Nigeria is price fluctuation after logistics (transportation). Unlike many countries with stable price or slightly price movement, Nigeria market tend to change within short period of time making it difficult for agropreneur to forecast price. This is one of the problems agropreneur faces recently, apart from not been able to forecast price due to this Read more

Failure is part of what builds you as a Young/Start-up Agropreneur, Remain focused and keep moving forward.

You have every right to fail or lose money as a young/ start-up agropreneur but the most important aspect is that, you must learn from your mistakes and don’t allow the re-occurrence. I will never preach or advise you that you will not fail even when I know that failure is a step towards greatness. How can you become successful without failure?

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Some basic facts about Agro-commodity business; young agro-preneur watch out for money and time wasters.

My candid advice goes to young agro-preneur or starters; you have to move closer to an expert in the business and stop listening to people who only good at analyzing business on a sheet of paper but never go to the field for once. Agro commodity business is purely field work in other words, it’s not an office work where you base all your works on

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Trading Cow/OX gallstones

Gallstones are mineral elements (and not organic matter) mainly found in bovines gallbladders.Ox/cow gallstones are separated into different kinds depending on their size, shape and colour, each of which holds a significant commercial value. Gallstones look like stones of various shapes and colours. Two main shapes: egg-shaped or pyramid-

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