We welcome you all for visiting our website for information; sehgatehub.woldpress.com was created out from Sehgate Agro Trading and consultancy, a company specialized in local sourcing of agro commodity, agro tradings and export. With our vast experience in sourcing, trading and exporting business, we tend to calve this space to enlighten, share and expose some useful information/tips that beginners, young entrepreneur and agropreneur can use to guide their steps.


Agro commodity trading is about 70% field work and 30% office work and because our team involves a lot in traveling, mixing with different people at different levels, therefore learning about different cultures, and different peoples, ways of life become part of our business.


In relating with the locals, we learn more, achieve more and these brings about overall best result for our business. Dealing with stack illiterate and farmers becomes much more important, therefore proper ways or technique to deal with the source/origin brings solid relationship that strengthens the value chain system of agro commodities.

Relating business with adventure, travel and business brings about this unique website which will expose you to some important raw materials for production line/ manufacturing companies, high quality agricultural finished products, food stuffs, and agricultural waste e.t.c.

We have our hub around the world. We welcome buyers from any part of the world to contact us for any commodity and we also welcome agricultural produce seller.

Once again we say thank you for visiting us.




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