Over the years, most people believe that export business is for the elites, not everybody tends to find out the ways to go about becoming a well-recognized exporter even with little capital.

But I must be sincere with you if you are set to become an exporter; all you need is to follow some certain information’s which will guide you through and am given it out here for free. You can do it yourself. No need of agent or middle man. Most people have passed through these steps and share success testimonies.

Have a valid registered company read more on how to get your company registered if not yet register.

Take all your company documents i.e. certificate of registration/ certificate of incorporation, tax receipt and go to Nigerian export promotion council (NEPC) office and apply for your license (export license). I always prefer Abuja office at plot 424, Aguiyi irosi Street, Maitama, Abuja, Nigeria.

Wait for some time maybe maximum of 7

-12 working days and receive your license. though Nigerian Government policy change with time. But they will advise you with the best time you will receive your license.

Seems simple but all you need to do is set your precious time toward getting it and travel down to these government office and get valid up to date information and get it yourself without the stress of hiring dubious middle man who will end up given you headache as gift after payment.

After getting your entire document ready, the next step is to find a b2b website and register your company and post your commodity for sale. Wait patiently for client to contact you. If you post your advert very well, I guess within 2weeks you should be able to get inquiry on what you are selling.

Thereafter, you can contact your client and feed him back with the possible questions like your price, minimum quantity order (MQO), supply capacity, payment terms, and specifications.



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