Finding good and reliable agricultural commodities buyer can be so frustrating and time-consuming most especially for young agropreneurs or starters. Most especially, when you couldn’t pay Consulting company for good deal.

But you keep wondering why some exporters have numerous buyers dialing their numbers every day. Sit back, relax, and g

o through these tips below to become a well-recognized exporter in your own field either animal extract or agricultural waste.

In three different ways, you can get

a buyer but the first two is the fastest way while the third option is based on your integrity it’s all about recommendation from other client.

Option 1 Search through some big b2b website such as or and register.  Search through the internet and find the best b2b for your commodity to target the most reliable buyer and not time wasters. Let me give you an idea of key words you can search with; “cocoa bean seed buying lead” “cocoa milling factory in Germany” “chocolate factory in china using cocoa powder”

Option 2 Contact your friends or relatives living abroad to know which agro commodities their country of residence need as a raw material in their various production lines and contact them directly with your specification, company profile and price. It works perfectly if you know how to go about it. Example, most European countries need charcoal during the winter and most heat generating company needs palm kernel shell to generate and distribute heat also during same time. So you have a better chance to strike a good deal

Option 3 Most clients you worked with in the past can consider your service and product reliable and recommend you to importers. This work but you need to build your trust before attaining this point. Just know that “Nothing is impossible”


Wait for buyers to contact you and when they finally do, respond professionally and send them more information about any commodity they want. Most of the buyers might demand for pictures or sample of the product for analysis, you can get them from us as a starter and as you grow, you can have your gallery and sample box.

To determine if a buyer is serious, inform them that sample is free and they will pay for the air lifting or shipment when the sample arrive the destination. A serious buyer will accept this offer but unserious ones will keep wasting your time and they want you to send the sample for free even when they are not ready to buy. Make your buyer understand that he/she contacted you and requested for sample so you offer to give the sample free while he pay for the freight at the receiving end


Finally when a serious buyer receives  the sample and analyzed, they will send you a test result or communicate further to you if the result is OK or not. At this point, a serious buyer will liaise with you under mutual relationship how to improve the quality of the sample sent or if the sample is good enough you can discuss about his visit to your company for more inspections before placing order if necessary

Most of the times its better when you come out openly to your buyer. It’s not all commodities a buyer can come down and find readily available in the warehouse either due to seasonal availability or fear of price fluctuation which makes exporter ship goods according to the contract they have at hand. So don’t try to send pictures of warehouse filled up with goods and you begin to run around

d when your buyer promises coming.

NOTE:  Every international buyer knows that it requires a lot of cash to put 100mt of cocoa bean seed inside a warehouse and be looking for a buyer except for the big players. Therefore be sincere as a young agropreneur. You need only one genuine click to succeed.

When you have a serious buyer, hold-on to it and do your work right. In this way, you can export a particular product for years if no changes in government policy that can affect the origin and destination of the product.

And when a buyer places an order, (I mean trial order), do it diligently and keep to your specification and period of shipment. As one of my Chinese friends would say; “buyers need you to tell them exactly what you can do or offer” so don’t over emphasis things unnecessarily?


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