Like my good friend would say “Julius, I got a racket run” my friend called this racket because he makes money quickly doing it without or little stress.

Most people/agropreneur like doing this business but the contact buyer (end user) is always kept secrets by the group of people running the racket. So if you have a racket, you must have finished 1-10 sales before you can share the secret. Funny! But that is the fact.

Due to my personal Trading experience, I always have racket at every point in time from friend’s network or during my business trips.

Commodities like these doesn’t really need an export license or strict government checks, and most of the times, it goes by the air and not sea. So it’s easy to get paid within short period of time. And probably ship many batch to turn your capital around.

Like I earlier told you that this is a racket, trading this remains secret but you must have to consult friends at every point in time which racket is moving. A good friend can share with you the way to make money and sehgatehub’s team also offer to the public sometimes which racket is moving so always get in touch with our website for these opportunities.


Donkey skin.(Medicinal, shoe cobbler, fashion)  Mostly illegal in some part of the world.

Gallstones (Medicinal)

Cow horn tips (button, art craft, home decoration)

Kola nut (Medicinal)

Bitter kola (Medicinal)

Date palm (Medicinal and beverages)

Cray fish (food)

Melon (food)

Oven dried catfish (Food)

Vegetables scent leaves and the likes (food)

Natural honey (pharmaceutical, food, waxing)

Black soap (cosmetics, pharmaceutical, medicinal)

Shea butter (cosmetics, food, medicinal, pharmaceutical)

Moringa seed and leaves (medicinal, pharmaceutical)

Black pepper (food)


You can also trade this product locally and make it big. But I always advice that you secure for yourself a reliable buyer from other country hint* kola nut sells well in Sudan, work on it yourself. Exporting this type of product can earn you 3times profit more than selling in Nigeria.

Shipment is always by air because the tons are too small to go by sea. And I have met some traders moving some of these commodities to other countries by road, mostly African countries.


NOTE: Some of these listed items have serious buyers waiting to pay at sight. Work on them.


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