A shipping agency or shipping agent is the designated person or agency held responsible for handling shipments and cargo, and the general interests of its customers, at ports and harbors worldwide, on behalf of ship owners, managers, and charterers. In some parts of the world, these agents are referred to as port agents or cargo brokers. There are several categories of shipping agents such as: port agents, liner agents, and own agencies, each rendering specific services depending on the shipping company they represent.

In other words, a ship agent is any person or company that carries out the functions of an agent, irrespective of whether they are in business as a ship agent, or they perform such functions as a adjunct to, or conjunction with, other activities such as ship owning or operating, providing cargo handling or similar.

Shipping agents will usually take care of all the regular routine tasks of a shipping company quickly and efficiently. They ensure custom documentation, and waste declarations are all arranged with the port authorities without delay.

               Getting yourself or company a reliable shipping agent requires consultation and most of the times recommendation from friends can also help.

You don’t just meet a shipping agent and trust his services immediately “ I remember sometimes ago, when a friend ship a commodity to japan unknowingly, most of the documents were fake, not properly signed and sealed as a matter of fact, some were forged. On getting to port of destination, the custom declare the documents invalid and return the goods” so if you don’t have recommended shipping agent, it will be difficult to track his activities.


I recommend you consult some shipping lines for help when choosing or scouting for agent. They have in their database shipping agent that does not default. They will recommend them and you can go get more information by visiting their office for details before working with them.

Sehgate Agro Trading and Consultancy assist in area of obtaining fumigation certificate, certificate of origin, phytosanitory certificate; we offer shipping agency services also. We assist our client to obtain genuine government documents and custom clearance process up to FOB level without any fear of rejection at the post of destination.

A trial transaction with us will convince you!


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