When I started Agro commodities trading and exporting business 7years ago, I run around for buyers based on their request/specifications on many commodities only to be informed that they already have suppliers from Asia or other African countries with better offer.

At this time, I almost went bank

rupt because, almost every day I receive inquires and I need to get more information’s to feed my buyers/client. So I kept embarking on trips, spending money with no tangible results.

I got to understand myself how to detect time wasters after building my experience, this process took me so long to comprehend but, I will share with you. After every effort to secure myself a good deal that proved abortive, I calm down and learned.

I realized first that, when a buyer sends an inquiry, they also send to numerous buyers on that platform maybe 10-20 different other buyers so you are standing to run with competitors. Most especially big players and more experience companies

I also discover not all buyers really know what they are looking for hint* for example, buyer should be able to send me the specification of what he wants to buy based on his personal experience, then I can tell him out rig

htly, if the order is workable or not.

Don’t expect that importers from china will buy from you when the same product is available in Vietnam they check freight charges when buying on FOB basis. I got to understand that Chinese firms for example will prefer to but palm kernel shell from Malaysia rather than African countries.

Some of the clients that contact you are doing so just to get some vital information either for fraud or trying to edit your details for another purpose best known to them. They do contact sellers/exporters and use the reply for other buyers they are dealing with secretly. It’s risky but your experience will make you to understand later how to get rid of them.

NOTE “check your buyer location compare to alternative country that can supply them. Then look closely into your buyer’s specifications before ascertaining 40% seriously in them.” Most of the times, the specification is not workable in Nigeria environment due to so many factors.


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