Every agricultural commodity comes out with different seasons of harvest from animal extract to food stuff. There will be need for you to plan through the year to be active as an agropreneur. Most of the time, I do advise young agropreneur to have valid agricultural waste or by-product contract or supply at hand because it’s mostly available throughout the year. Most production/manufacturing companies have their warehouse stocked up for more than a year production. Therefore waste has been generated all time.

October – January/ February (cocoa bean seed, Shea nut, sesame seed, gum Arabic, baobab fruit, palm kernel shell, charcoal, and timber) i.e. oil seed, nuts, e.t.c

January – March/April (palm oil, hibiscus flower, cashew nut, fruits)

March – August (cassava, Mellon, maize, cocoa bean seed (LC) and yam) i.e. food stuffs

Mostly every Agro commodities harvest like grains, oil seed and nut falls within the dry season and I believe the main reason by God is to allow entrepreneur/ traders to get some relief from sun light to dry these commodities instead of investing heavily on industrial drying machine.

Moisture content plays a very vital role in any agricultural commodities trading. The higher the moisture content (MC), the higher the chance of growing mold or spoilage therefore so many commodities need to meet some certain moisture content (MC) before trading and export.

Duration of time from Nigeria to china is almost 42days by sea therefore there is always rise and fall of temperature inside the containers that can allow the moisture content to increase or decrease beyond normal room temperature. Therefore using moisture absorber/desiccant bags is recommended but keeping the moisture content (MC) Low before export is highly advisable.

Hint*another point is that the more the moisture content (MC) is going down below 7%, the weight also reduce and payment is made by total weight of content (net weight) but there is always an agreement between the seller and the buyer about appropriate moisture content that they will work with and probably settle payment with.


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