Air cargo companies lift load between the range of 2-20tons or more as the case maybe and most of the time, it does not require so much documentation and stress unlike shipment through the sea. Shipping goods through the sea takes so much time compare to air cargo that takes a minimum of 3 and maximum of 7 days except the case of custom check at the interchange countries which can extend the delivery days to 12days. It is faster, safer, and most of the time encourages agropreneur to turn around their capital within short period of time.

Recently, one of my journey to Sudan, (not south Sudan that is prone to war). I discovered that kola nut is selling fast and mostly on high demand. I tried to check out the usage and I found out they make beverages with it apart from eating it and part of the usage is in their textile industries too.

I could not work on this opportunity then, but I have a plan of doing it later.

There are many commodities you can ship, airlift and make money; example is the well talk about kola nut, bitter kola (mostly to Indian, china: for medicinal purposes), date palm (mostly Arabian countries and some part of Europe), crayfish, oven dried cat-fish( mostly united Kingdom and America some middle east countries request for it too) e.t.c. The good news is that you can turn your capital within short period of time. Air shipment mostly takes between 3-7days depending on the distance, country and shipping line.

Hint* All you need to do after getting your buyer and the goods are ready, take it to NAHCO wing of international airport close to you for quotation from airline carrier, custom papers and other shipping papers.

After shipment is done, scan all the documents given to you to your buyer for confirmation and later take the hard copy to parcel service for express air cargo. Track the documents and know when your buyer receives it.


Be expecting your payment.

Note: I advise you to work on a very secure payment terms that is favorable to you while doing air cargo shipment. And you need to know that the payment of freight is charged per a kilogram which is always very high compare to sea shipment. For example, 40ft container load of goods of about 25,000kg can cost between 560-700USD from Nigeria to Vietnam by sea while Air cargo freight can charge as much as 1000-1200USD for 1ton of goods from Nigeria to Vietnam.

               Hints* Most Agropreneur use air cargo for lifting perishables goods and most of the time vegetables


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