It is no more news again that oil is no more booming like it used to be in the past and agriculture remains the only option for investors looking at long-term and stable return on investment. Involving yourself into a guarantee money backed project under any sector within agricultural business is highly profitable and you stand a big chance of contributing to the development of the country, boost the

economy, youth employment, and sure return on investment, no matter price fluctuations.

As an investor, have you ever thought about the Nigerian population? If yes, what is our population? I leave that to you to answer. All in my thought is about how this population will feed on a daily basis and with more than half of its population were youth, Human resources is achievable. The land is green and the government makes so many policies to encourage new investors.

Having proper understanding of different areas where you can “dig money” while exploring agricultural business becomes important to new investors as this will help you focus on your target market and re-investment plan. Am highly convinced that no day, will agricultural business crumble or slow down.

I will quickly go into different sectors under agriculture where money can be made and a lot of revenue generated for yourself and generation yet to come. You can consult us for more in-depth information which we might not be able to share here due to time frame. Also, we wish to narrow our audience to different sectors of interest before given full details.

List of different areas to focus and expatiate on;

Mechanized farming.

Agricultural commodity trading.

-Food stuff supply.

-Raw material supply.

-Agricultural waste.

-Agricultural machinery leasing.

Food Production and manufacturing

Agro commodity exporting business.

Mechanized farming: venturing into large-scale farming remains the best but, this is hardly achievable without the help of agricultural equipments/machineries. Over the years, having travelled all the states in Nigeria, I discovered every part of the country favors the growth of a specific plant which is capable of generating huge profit/income if annexed and done in the right way. Weather and geographical location of Nigeria has really helped to grow high economic value cash crops. Tomatoes from Benue state, export capacity of rice from kebbi, palm oil and cocoa from Ondo state and varieties of vegetables from Anambra and imo. Come to think of it, every state soil texture and condition always favors growth of plant.

With the population of almost 190million citizens and other neighboring West African countries which depend largely on some of our agricultural farm produce for feeding, for raw materials, and production, e.t.c.  Nothing harvested from any  Nigerian farm that is not capable of meeting market (masses) demands.


Fish farming: Breeding of varieties of fish in Nigeria either, in large-scale or small scales has huge market as demand is throughout the year. Cat-fish which has gained popularity over a short period of time has top the table of fish farming with low set up capital and high profit margin.

Poultry farming: over some times, Nigerian government had banned the importation of frozen chicken, making the masses depend on local poultry farms for life chicken and eggs and because of duration of growth up to maturity stage, it’s always scarce and demand remain high.

Animal Husbandry: day by day abattoir all around the country slaughter cows, goat, sheep, pig, donkey just to meet the demand of the people and yet before 12:00 mid day of each day, no more meat in the market for purchase. Investing in any of this animal’s farm is a big potential business.

Agricultural commodity trading: most medium scale entrepreneur investors key to this stage of opportunity and utilize it perfectly to rake in incomes. It involves less capital with low risk and high profit margin. With the rate of industrial revolution in the country, and the government intervention in banning the importation of some agricultural commodities as raw materials in some companies, most manufacturing/production companies now depend on local materials for production.

Food stuff:  food stuff top the chart of commodity demand of all time, investing in trading and supply of food stuff is a “boom”.  Grains and oil seed from north to south, palm oil, cocoa derivatives from west to north, vegetables from east to north and central, this process revolves all day with particular region depending on another for food.

Raw materials: every production/manufacturing company needs raw materials to kick-start production. They issue out local purchase order to local traders for supply and most of them pay instantly or within days.

Agricultural waste: trading agricultural waste is highly profitable. With low capital, so many food processing factories generate a lot of waste which serves as raw materials for other production, ranging from palm kernel shell supply to cement factories, to soybeans cake for poultry feed production.

Agricultural machinery leasing: illiteracy and lack of fund had greatly reduced the farm produce output round the country. The aged are dying out with no energy or zeal and the youth are yet to discover the economic importance of agriculture. Investing in the importation of agricultural machinery which is fully for leasing or rent will generate big return. Harvester, fertilizer application machine is a good deal among others.

Food production and Agricultural finished product manufacturing company: do you know that only 20% of total cashew nut harvested annually is processed in Nigeria and 80% exported to other countries?, do you know that more than90% of sesame seed harvested in Nigeria is exported out of the country for production of vegetable oil. Potential self driven, motivated investor/entrepreneur can explore this opportunity and with the help of further consultation from us, sky remains the starting point. Establishing a manufacturing company to add value to agricultural produce involves capital but the venture profit worth given it a trial. All government policies favors both local and foreign investors in Nigeria at the moment and always because that is the only way the government can revive its economy from sinking deep into recession. Going into this sector of business involve proper consultation and market research.

Agro commodity exporting business: The small-scale exporters are called agropreneur exporter and the large-scale exporter are called “big players”. Both need original export license from Nigeria government before exporting goods to their prospective buyers. Nigerian government always encourages/help and supply investors with useful information s, because these in turn helps the country economy. Most of agricultural farm produce remains the best for any country standard and demand is always high. At every season of harvest, prospective investors sign contract with their buyers either in their home country or other country, then come down to Nigeria to buy and export. Investors make almost 100% profit when started early then the price is low.

7 thoughts on “Vast opportunities in Nigeria Agricultural business sector. Eye opener for Agro Investors.

  1. Hello,
    Your piece on agricultural commodities opportunities in Nigeria is quite informative as well educative. However, the challenges in agro business in Nigeria over the years has still not yet changed which is basically the market outlet to sell the products.
    My company has been trying for over a decade now to secure an export contact after having done the necessary registration, feasibility work on exportable commodities from Nigeria.
    We are also looking at getting a local purchase order to supply locally to any established company or exporters in Nigeria .
    Kindly contact us through our email address let’s see how we can work together
    ton explore these opportunities.
    Thanks and God bless.

    Sylvester Chigozie Onyejedum
    WhatsApp +447949121491, +2348036915659


    1. Thanks for visiting our blog for information. kindly visit our blog often for updated information that will help your business.

      we shall send private mail soon to address your private inquiry. Meanwhile we shall address one of your statements which says “the challenges in agro business in Nigeria over the years has still not yet changed which is basically the market outlet to sell the products.” the simple reasons for the challenges is that government is not doing enough to get vital information across to the populace. no awareness, no program, no successful market research project. everything revolving around same old ways.

      How many times as Nigerian government sent farmers to Malaysia to study how to mill palm oil but when the Malaysia government need the palm trees they send people to study it in Nigeria…


  2. Hello,
    I would say I really love this piece its quite enlightening, meanwhile I have been looking to go into agro business but for a long time I have felt I have not gotten the proper tutorship required for this business.
    although I had done poultry business in the past before I started work and I really want to go back to the business because I think in Nigeria we cannot depend on just one source of income.
    please kindly tutor and assist me where necessary on how to go about this business in full especially on a fairly large scale and how I could get my supplies and buyers too. That was an aspect of challenge then.

    Thank you.


    1. Thanks for your comment. Poultry business in Nigeria is very good because the new government policy favors it. when there is ban on importation of frozen foods (e.g poultry product), people depend so much on local supplies. well, we are happy to hear that you are now going into fairly large scale poultry business. we have two good advise for you.

      1. try as much as you can to have a vegetable farm close to your poultry. the poultry waste will help as an organic manure for this farm so you an option to convert your waste to wealth.

      2. Never underestimate the power of personal outlet. its help a lot. you can sell your product yourself and work on your market survey. on this, you will need to contact us privately so we can give our best advise.


  3. Hi,

    Had a good read up from this.

    We are also looking a local purchase order to supply locally to any established company or exporters in Nigeria from Malaysia.

    We could supply from any type of palm oil products which you need as well we have expertise in total logistics services.

    Kindly contact us through our email address let’s hope we can work together
    and maximise these opportunities.

    Thanks and God bless.

    Praveen Kumar
    WhatsApp +60177104450


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