Several times, buyers demand some commodities in a small quantity either for consumption, small scale production line basic raw material or some addictive in large production line like paint industry.

The ones I have come across mostly were Africans leaving abroad maybe Europe, America and want to have some taste of home food. They place demand for some of this commodities and you can only send to them by air cargo. it has been a very lucrative business for long time. Therefore tapping into this opportunity is worth doing at all cost.

Hints* most of the times, you will need to ask the destination if they allow such commodity into their country. Example, England will not allow crayfish to enter by air shipment likewise America will not allow snail importation as well.

It’s better to check through the custom of both origin and destination countries if such business will work before going further.

7 months ago, a woman contacted me for crayfish of about 2tons (2000) kg to Europe. She negotiated how she’s going to make payment for the goods and how she can proceed further but, I ask her to halt the process until she confirm if European countries will accept such order. She makes some inquiries and gets to know that is not going to work” avoid rushing into doing business you don’t know much about.

Kindly check the list of commodities below for prospective buyer round the world.

Kola nut                                   Cocoa butter                              Moringa seed

Bitter kola                               Snail                                            Cow horn tips

Black soap                               Cray fish                                     Moringa leave

Garlic                                       Stock fish                                     Mellon

Garri( cassava flour)            Date palm                                    Dry ginger

Coffee                                      Natural honey

Shea butter                             Palm oil

NOTE: Remember that most food stuff that is fresh may not go by air rather, you can contact shipping line for refrigerated container for large quantity. Different countries have different regulations and different importation policies therefore, consult us for more information on how to go about it.



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