Although, this is supposed to come out as premium articles but, for the sake of my fans, I will share little and anybody interested can contact privately for full business plan. Have you ever asked yourself what are they using most of the agricultural commodities export out of Nigeria to do?

You will be surprise that sometimes, little value is added to it and huge profit is being made out of it.

As I told you earlier, this article is premium. Lol don’t mind me I love to be strict when it comes to business. I will briefly talk about 3 commodities and stop.

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1 ton of white cow horn is sold at $1200/ton FOB Lagos port and approximately 1-2 full length of horn makes 1kilo and sometimes, 1 jumbo white horn can make 1kilo. After value is been added to this white cow horn, you can end up making $3000-4000 as profit from 1ton. The good aspect is that you can create an online store to sell this finished product or sell through ebay or other e-commerce sites and earn money peacefully.

Check out most of the product from cow horn and the cost per pic.

full-cow-horn handmade-horn-jewelry-manufactory-5finished

Get some machines, add value to it, and set up a mini company as an entrepreneur.

Charcoal exporters export thousand tons out of Nigeria every season to Europe and Asia and do you ask yourself for what purposes? Apart from usage to generate heat during the winter, period charcoal can be reprocessed to be used in the water purification plant, production of mosquito coils and turning it into briquette for BBQ or rather activation carbon.

1ton of charcoal can be gotten between #27000-32000 and after little value is added to form briquette, with low ash content, longer burning time, smokeless, non-spackle which most buyers prefer to lumps. You can end up buying 1000kg of briquette for between $500-$620 and you can produce more than 1 ton of briquette from 1ton of lumps charcoal.

You can make more money adding value to this product and build your country and company image.


Waste paper; sometimes back I had a contract to supply ONP (old news print), OCC (old corrugated carton) and paper offcut with a price of $142/ton. It was a good deal because I wrote letter to different factory during this time to obtain their wastes. Out of curiosity, I discovered these wastes can be milled over again adding some addictive to make a new clean sheet or paper roll.

Adding little value to white paper waste which is much softer than OCC, you can add cement and other addictive to it for making interior decorations and production of fancy ceiling tiles.

1 slate of fancy ceiling tiles of 2”x 2” is been sold for #300/pic and you can derive 400-500 slates from 1ton of paper waste after milling and mixing with cement and other things.

#120,000-#150,000 compare to $142/ton approximately #50,750/ton on FOB bases if shipping to your client outside Nigeria.

And if converting it to interior decorations, it sell for #3000-6000 per slate or even above sometimes depending on the size, design and colour attribute.





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