It’s good to dream high but it’s also good to know life is all about steps. Most people fail because they allow the name exporter to fill up their heads and end up bragging and putting in place unnecessary workforce.

Imagine someone that has 2containers load contract of cocoa bean shell every month, sit down at home watching TV, employ driver, employ personal assistant, employ operational manager, employ quality control manager. All these on the income from two container’s contract?

Entrepreneur/Agropreneurs are not meant to be bossing rather, a team leader. Be the one to lead your team and have control over all the stages of your business.

At a point after graduating from the university, my father would force me to learn how to drive a truck in his company. He said at any point when your driver wants to show you his ego, collect the key and go to deliver your goods. So learn how to be versatile and make your dealing perfect as a team leader.

            As an agro commodity entrepreneur, you can run around for your small order and you will not reduce your worth. Make sure to perfect every aspect of your work and secure total control over your work/business.

e-book-cover-third   shop

Work hard and secure yourself a long term contract worth of millions of dollars then set up a standard work force, with your experience you can know the total number of people you need in a team and you become their leader taking control of all things and activities.

Hint* never open up or rent a warehouse when you can take a container directly from the port and go straight to the bush where you load and return back to the port. It’s easy, simple and save costs. But only get warehouse when you have a produce that can get spoilt with rains like grains or beans.



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