I started this during my university days so don’t tell me you need certificate or 3years experience to do it.

Most especially when you are not born with a golden or diamond spoon in your mouth you must devise a path to live.

It is well known that during the main season of any agricultural commodity harvesting, there is always abundance in circulation, so going by the principle of saving during the rainy season against the dry season brings about stocking business. You stock these commodities and earn money thereafter when the demand is high.

Initially, I started small with palm oil business during the main season 20liters of palm oil is sold between #3500-4000 depending on the area of purchase during the main season. You can buy between March and July with the prices mentioned above.

Hint* remember palm oil is not good to be kept on a cemented floor. Look for wooden plank and set your drums on them buy as many as you can and store up.

Day in day out, your investment keeps growing without any risk. Between November – January, there is always scarcity and high demands, During this period, buyer offers #10000-17,000 depending on the market you are selling to.

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For example, let’s take your investment as #3000/20liters and you were able to stock 600liters (30 rubber keg) and you are selling after 3months at #10,000/20liters

So 7000 x 30 =# 210,000 profit

Contact us for more classified information on how to trade palm oil.

Secondly, before I stop, people would want me to show all, but it will take me almost 3 months to divulge all about stocking. The little secret about stocking business is that it does not affect your daily work, your studies or your other businesses. So I always love to trade on stock anytime I have access to fund for investment.


Hint* find your way to Ondo state, Edo state, Delta state and Imo state for more information on palm oil business.

Everybody knows about cashew nut business. Most people say palm oil is for woman that they can’t do it. Lol. Now let’s talk about the one a man can do.

So many generations have traded cashew nut in the past and its part of old trade you can earn as much as 50-70k/ton from this stock if you trade very well.

During the early main season of cashew nut, let’s say February 1ton of cashew nut is selling around 70-75k naira but during this time, harvest is scanty but you can station yourself where the harvest is on a high rate like Kogi, Osun and part of Kwara and be picking it up gradually either kilogram by kilogram until you have a substantial quantity you can finance. It involves a lot of capital doing this business for a young agropreneur, so you can form a group by contributing toward the business with the aim of profit sharing.

So let’s assume you were able to buy 10MT at #75,000/ton

#750,000 + your miscellaneous

Wait for some time maybe 2months Hint* period of trading cashew nut is always shortby this time, buyers can offer between #160k-190k spot buy for 1ton

So average of #175,000x10tons



You can remove your investment capital and miscellaneous and check out your profit margin.

Tips* remember that during stocking, there is every tendency of dropping in moisture content of the commodity in question but if moisture content is around 8% before storage, under 2 months, the stock can come down to 7% or below. The overall end result is that, at every 1% reduction of moisture content, you are bound to lose 40-50kg/ton. Be sure of your moisture content before storing grains, seed and nut. Palm oil is not affected.

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