As a young agropreneur, going into agricultural commodity sourcing business or source agent, sourcing techniques is part of what you must continue to work on and improve day in day out. That is your basic power.

Agricultural commodity that tend to be scarce or of high demand in one state/country might be what other state/country get rid as a waste. The sole raw material for some production line might have to come as a waste from another manufacturing plant.

As a young entrepreneur or agropreneur, you must learn how to travel to the main source of anything you want to trade or buy. Try as much as you can to secure your source. Create impression in them that will last longer incase if any other buyer visits them.

Never have the idea of sending money to people to source for you, all you’ll get is stories upon stories, and so far you engage them in one way or the other they must demand compensations.

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I didn’t mean compensation is bad, but I’d like you to compensate when necessary. Imagine you sending money to someone far from you to source for you and It took the person 2weeks to respond or answer your call. That is bad. Go to the source yourself after making inquiry of the location you can find it.

Spend little time with the locals in that environment to know more about what you want nature of people living there and how to make reliable friends to enjoy your stay the next time you visit.

Go to the motor park and reach out to the chairman of the union driver, inform him some of the times your client might need sample of what you came there for that you will always call him to help you send to your location to ease the stress of travelling up and down.

Tell the chairman that if such thing happens, you will call someone (maybe the seller) to take the sample to meet him and send to you. Never forget to show compensation always in this case.

That is why I must always be at every point or source location of what I am looking for to have control over everything. If I send money to you, I have other 3 people from that location hat will watch over your steps for me at any point. You can’t receive calls after sending money to you, someone is already at your door to check how you are faring.

Hint* it’s all about human relation, good interaction and kindness that can help you to stand out


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