I can tell you that the best way to go after securing yourself a good charcoal contract, is to mobilize yourself well and follow the tips below

Hint* never allow anybody to monitor this trade for you. To avoid unnecessary expenses, always DIY it’s easy and fun doing it by yourself.

Consult people and know where you can buy many hectares of land search toward Ogun, Oyo, Kwara and Niger state.

Take a visit to all this places one after the other to liaise with the local chiefs “remember to go with kola and wine.”

Make your intention known as a farmer whose intention is to have a cash crop farm in the locality which will help to develop the area in the nearest future.

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Acquire the land legitimately; possibly do a video coverage like you are doing a big ceremony in the village with the chiefs and king in attendance.” This video would serve as an evidence of purchase in case of any unforeseen contingencies.

Consult expert and they will get you some Benue guys, they are professional in making good charcoal. Mobilize them into your side and instruct them what to do.

Most of the time, they create a small group that do this nature of job, so contacting the heads would make it easier for mobilization on your behalf even you are not on ground.

Tell them to fall all the big timbers and cut the branches into charcoal while the big logs is converted/rough-sawed to different sizes, shapes and transport them to big cities where timber is needed for so many things. At this, you can earn money even before your charcoal processing gets to final stage for export.

charcoal business 2

Get your bags ready and create for yourself a mini deport where you can load at an interval best known to you. And the most unusual aspect of this is that while exporting your own charcoal, traders also come to you and buy so you create an avenue to make yourself good money.

Hint* this process seems simple, isn’t it? Follow these tips and make money at the end of the day, you can convert your land to a farm. Get a super hybrid palm tree and allow your generation to benefit from your good deeds.

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