While waiting for government/ multinational organization after my university education for better job, if I had planted plantain and banana of about 4acres of land, I know by now I would have become a proud farmer.

With the population of about 200million, nothing planted in Nigeria that would not be consumed regardless of your farm land size.

I told my Indian friend that the problem of Nigerians is that God gave us everything in abundant but we don’t know how to annex our resources.

Egypt depend largely on river Nile for irrigation to power their agricultural sector throughout the year and the country is doing well depending on only one source.

In Nigeria, the land is fertile throughout all seasons which favours different crops and plants. You travel from north, east, west and south every land space is covered with green plant.

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Yet, young people still complain of unemployment when you can become a cassava farmer.

I ask myself sometimes why I didn’t start this earlier. Imagine yourself at early stage of life controlling large acres of land with palm fruit, cassava, rice and plantain. Demand for all this agricultural produce is high throughout the year.

I know some people will still say where the money to start?

Young entrepreneurs, wake up! Everything is not all about money. From one (1) single bud of maize, you can plant and harvest as many as possible, you don’t need irrigation; Nigeria rainy season will favour your farming. You don’t need huge money for fertilizer, plant and leave it. Watch it grow with little labour. Stop procrastinating; time is not on your side. All of us cannot work in the oil sector.

Tips* I believe everybody living in the city have an origin, call your parent back home to demand for some piece of land to cultivate. I know they will be happy, it does not stop you from hunting for your dream job. Go during the weekend and give it a try. You can come back to to the city during the week if it’s hard in the beginning to adapt. I bet with you, after 1 or 2 harvests, you will love to plant more and move to reside close to your farm.

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