All fish most especially cat fish in the wild (river, streams and lake) feeds on natural substances/food and not inorganic feeds from chemical mixtures. Domesticate/trained cat fish are mainly for business and farmers depend o

n their rapid growth within short period of time

possible to make profit from their business. Th


refore a chemically induced drugs is been given to the fish inform of boosters to speed up the growth of the fish

cat fish

To the farmers their target is mainly on profit as they forgot that the residue of the boosters drugs or inorganic feed in the body of the fish has a side effect on human after consumption most of the time the cooked fish disappear from mouth so quickly during consumption which makes me to ask if the fish is not big enough to satisfy me. But I understand vividly that larger percentage of any trained/ domesticated fish is “fat” making it difficult to fill you up during consumption.

Apart from the fear of growth booster, which are majorly chemicals with proven traces of residue in the body of the fish, another reason I preferred wild cat fish is the taste.

The taste of wild cat fish is so sweet and tasty that the Yoruba’s called it “Eja Osan” meaning sweet fish. Because this fish feeds mostly on natural food in the wild, the body develops to fully matured fish and because fishes eat one another, only the strong will eventually remain while the weak will be fed on by the wild, making them to develop and grow naturally without any chemically induced drugs that will change the growth nomenclature.


While most domesticated/trained cat fish contains so much fat and oil, wild cat fish is film in the body no matter the size making it consumable at any size unlike the domesticated cat fish where same size is not considered edible because of bad taste and probably no fish meat to consume except fat and oil.

Because of the dirty environment/habitation of wild cat fish, its gives a unique smell after roasting with firewood or charcoal (smoked fish). The unique smell had help to bring out the beauty of some African dishes both home and abroad. You can hardly hold the body of a wild cat fish because it mostly dwell in a slurry environment most people tag this drawing body as a sign of dirtiness but to be sincere, it just an adaptive features for the fish to navigate.

I can differentiate quickly anytime I taste domesticated smoked cat fish in my dishes because it tastes differently from the natural and the skin is so soft and quickly disappear during cooking if smoked before cooking.


Hint* No evidence has shown that the domesticated cat fish is bad for human consumption. So this article is not to discourage you from eating one anytime you attend any gathering with friends and family. And remember that wild cat fish is not easy to comeby except you reside in a riverine area or your business takes you to those areas. Keep eating both domesticated and wild cat fish, it’s a good source of protein. cheers

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