I don’t think I have found any entrepreneur doing such business here in Nigeria.

I stop by at a shop one afternoon and I try to chill my brain after a long day work somewhere in Libya.

I asked the Pakistani guy that is closer to where I was that “what can I use to calm my nerves” in Arab: ma aldhyyum kinuniaistikhda mulalitahdiat aesabi” he laugh and said will I prefer a smoothie I said “ok” so far is not poison. Lol


He showed me variety of fruit from a wooden box and ask me to choose what I preferred which I choose banana and pear.

Smoothie 3

He worked on it for about 2mins with an ice block and powdered milk, yogurt, oatmeal and a cup of smoothie landed at my front. Wow I enjoy taken this juice-like smoothie and ever since then, I always try to make it myself its nice most when am going to bed in the night.

Prepare it and share with us the great taste any time you try it

2-3 ripe bananas

Half bud of ripe pear fruit/ oranges/pineapple

Powdered milk

Ice block



Tiger Nut flour


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