Milling cocoa bean seed to powder involve huge capital and proper infrastructure. But it’s highly profitable and also reduce the risk of exporting raw cocoa bean seed which can sometimes grow mould during sea transport if proper procedure is not followed.


Non-alkalized cocoa powder is also known as natural cocoa powder. It has a Ph between 5-6. The acidity nature of natural cocoa powder gives it sharp, almost citrus fruit taste. This product is readily available all time since the production does not involve adding alkaline to reduce the bitterness.

Alkalized/European style/Dutched as the name is tagged is when the cocoa bean seed is washed with a pottasium carbonate solution that neutralized cocoa’s acidity to a ph 7. Although cocoa powders can vary in colour from light reddish brown to a richer dark brown. The dutch process normally gives the powder a noticeable darker hue.

Either of the two type you lay your hand-on to consume, the nutritional value remains the same and their is no different apart from the acidity range.

Check out some of the amazing nutritional benefit of this product

– Lower high blood pressure
– Improves brain health
– Antioxidant capacity
– Balance chlorestrol levels
– Cure for diabetes
– Relieves Bronchial asthma
– Speed up healing
– Manage Obesity
– Improves cardiovascular health
– Treat constipation
– Prevent cancer

Business aspect of cocoa powder

Both Alkalized and non-alkalized cocoa powder are readily available from us and below are the options of trading we suggest for our new buyer/client.

Purchase already finished and packaged product from us to resell in small form i.e 4-10 cartons( 25pics in a carton) 500g net weight per pack.

Purchase small quantity of about 1-2tons from us to re-package into your own prefered brand in your home country and sell directly to your clients or final consumer with your branded logo.

Purchase bulk product from us (FCL) full container load for your industrial use i.e food industries.

Contact us for more information

+234 8120427566

2 thoughts on “Alkalized and Non-alkalized cocoa powder

  1. Hi, I’m a Nigerian in diaspora and I’ve been researching about equipments needed to set up this. I contacted some Dutch and Belgium manufacturers and I’m afraid to say their quotations are scary compared to the quotation i got from a Chinese manufacturer. I’ll appreciate it if you can send me your email address so we can discuss further. Thanks.


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