Despite government ban for some wood logs like Kosso/ Madrine wood, processed teak wood still goes on export with a good high return Margin.

Although is involve a lot of processing to put in square shape, but its worth doing if trading or exporting.

Quality of Teak woods are based on different specifications and most of the time buyers preferred wild teak logs as they believe its as more longer years in the wild and rated based on the yoke of the wood.

Other parameters buyers demand are the girth, the lengths and possible number of logs per cubic meter.

The girth is mostly measure from the middle of the logs, I.e the circumference mostly toward the upper end of the logs. Cutting minimum of 90cm girth will give a good return below 90cm is always price low as the number of logs to fill up a container will be many. Therefore its regard as grade B if lower than 80cm girth.

The length is mostly measure in meters or feet’s but minimum of 7.5ft is mostly acceptable In the international market.

Contactus for more market survey and business analysis

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