Some basic facts about Agro-commodity business; young agro-preneur watch out for money and time wasters.

My candid advice goes to young agro-preneur or starters; you have to move closer to an expert in the business and stop listening to people who only good at analyzing business on a sheet of paper but never go to the field for once. Agro commodity business is purely field work in other words, it’s not an office work where you base all your works on

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Trading Cow/OX gallstones

Gallstones are mineral elements (and not organic matter) mainly found in bovines gallbladders.Ox/cow gallstones are separated into different kinds depending on their size, shape and colour, each of which holds a significant commercial value. Gallstones look like stones of various shapes and colours. Two main shapes: egg-shaped or pyramid-

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Logistics Solution

We now offer logistics solution to all businesses involving haulage. You can contact us to get 10tons, 20tons, 30tons and 40tons trucks respectively.

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First blog post


We welcome you all for visiting our website for information; was created out from Sehgate Agro Trading and consultancy, a company specialized in local sourcing of agro commodity, agro tradings and export. With our vast experience in sourcing, trading and exporting business, we tend to calve this space to enlighten, share and expose some useful information/tips that beginners, young entrepreneur and agropreneur can use to guide their steps. Read more