Do you know you can earn money from a non-oil business through stocking of agricultural produce such as Grains, Seed and Nut?

I started this during my university days so don’t tell me you need certificate or 3years experience to do it.

Most especially when you are not born with a golden or diamond spoon in your mouth you must devise a path to live.

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Adding value to your commodity before export and win the heart of international buyers in no time

Although, this is supposed to come out as premium articles but, for the sake of my fans, I will share little and anybody interested can contact privately for full business plan. Have you ever asked yourself what are they using most of the agricultural commodities export out of Nigeria to do?

You will be surprise that sometimes, little value is added to it and huge profit is being made out of it.

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Why most foreign buyers turn down Nigeria Agricultural produce; a case study of Shea butter and white beans.

Based on my own personal experience about cosmetics’ raw materials or farm food produce, I will run away from any impurities and harmful chemical preservatives in food. So many Nigerian farm produce had been rejected in some parts of the world because of their low quality parameters which the said countries never considered safe for human consumption. But if we consider it safe for our own consumption, then we must have a Read more

Amazing Nutritional benefit of Baobab fruit; another Forsaken Agricultural Produce

Most people never believed baobab trees bear fruits. All they thought was that baobab only shed its leaves during the dry season to curtain the rate of evaporation through the leaves and so far, it’s robust in nature. Most people never cares to know more about the tree as they believe it’s useless. You have to change your perspective about this tress, and I want to tell you that most African countries refers to baobab tree as a “Tree of life” because of Read more