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We prepare professional business plan, feasibility study and market report for the small and medium scale industries and develop the entrepreneurial capacity of our client with the aim of providing the much-needed agricultural business data in Nigeria and west African countries

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Adding value to Agricultural produce/commodity before export #8,500

Abstract: Over decades ago, African farmers, agricultural commodity trading and exporting company has been exporting major raw materials to Europe and Asian market for final production phase before getting to the final consumer. What the entire European and Asian market do is to add value to these raw materials and later sell back to Africans. Machinery, good business plan and market survey play a very important role in adding value to some agricultural commodities before export. Nigerian market and Africa at large can consume whatever you produce even without exporting to other market round the world. Adding little value to some of these commodities turn it to premium and attract good sales. contact us.


How to convert waste paper to fancy asbestos/ceiling tiles for building project (Training, sales and market report inclusive) #45,000

Abstract: with all the effort of the government to encourage entrepreneur to produce locally made equipment/building materials that will serve the same purposes as the imported ones, it’s now necessary for young entrepreneur to venture into turning waste to money. Waste paper comes to my mind because of the low set up capital, availability of raw materials and good market for your finished product. Day in day out, everyone cares for shelter or a good home to lay his/her head and most big investors go into property and real estate. There is better opportunity turning waste white papers into fancy ceiling tiles at the moment. Features of the ceiling tiles: Its durable, heat resistance, fire proof, water proof, and not hazardous to health compare to the particle sizes. contact us.

ebook-cover-secondCow business/ trading pre-feasibility market report #75,000

Abstract: Selling/ trading cow can be one of the lucrative if not the most in the livestock farming business. Most of the cows we see in Nigeria come from other countries with large numbers of cow compare to their total national population. With the population of Nigeria, cow business is lucrative enough to venture into. Every day there is killing and consumption of cow at every part of the country. And the most amazing thing is that, when you get to any abattoir around 11:00am you will discover that there is no meat for sale again until the next day. This shows the rate of consumption of meat as a major source of protein. contact us.


Vast opportunities in Nigeria Agricultural business sector. Eye opener for Agro Investors. #5,000

Abstract: It is no more news again that oil is no more booming like it used to be in the past and agriculture remains the only option for investors looking at long term and stable return on investment. Involving yourself into a guarantee money backed project under any sector within agricultural business is highly profitable and you stand a big chance of contributing to the development of the country, boost the economy, youth employment, and sure return on investment, no matter price fluctuations.

Having proper understanding of different areas where you can “dig money” while exploring agricultural business becomes important to new investors. contact us