Vast opportunities in Nigeria Agricultural business sector. Eye opener for Agro Investors.

It is no more news again that oil is no more booming like it used to be in the past and agriculture remains the only option for investors looking at long-term and stable return on investment. Involving yourself into a guarantee money backed project under any sector within agricultural business is highly profitable and you stand a big chance of contributing to the development of the country, boost the

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List of commodities you can trade without the hassle of export process as a young agropreneur

Like my good friend would say “Julius, I got a racket run” my friend called this racket because he makes money quickly doing it without or little stress.

Most people/agropreneur like doing this business but the contact buyer (end user) is always kept secrets by the group of peo Read more

Earning money trading Agricultural commodities within a value chain system all year round

It’s not a must to have a registered company before you can earn living trading. I must be sincere with you that even without export license; you can still be a “small scale” exporter exporting crayfish, kolanut, bitter kola, cow horn tips, on a range of 1-3mt. And this can be done by air cargo through the cargo wings of various carriers. Read more

How Safe are the food you consume? the case of Aflatoxins in Nigeria maize and Groundnut

I wonder why most people find it difficult to check the expiring date of a food product before consumption. But I have narrowed why most people don’t check for this important information’s into 2.

  1. Laziness and carelessness
  2. Illiteracy

Be informed that all the food we consume falls under the classifications of food; protein, minerals, carbohydrate, fat and oil e.t.c. For Read more